About Us

School is no longer “one size fits all”.

We created Groza Academy, our private day school, so that we could craft a customized school experience for our students. We offer a challenging advanced program for students who are developing ahead of the traditional timeline, as well as a deep foundations program for students who have missed skills at the traditional pace.

At the Groza Learning Center, co-founders Scott and Christy Groza have created a learning environment based on the simple principle that every academic program should be both challenging and enjoyable for each individual student enrolled in the program. With more than a decade of experience in the world of academia, Christy and Scott Groza recognize the clear value associated with the Groza Learning Center’s practices in providing highly individualized academic programs based on the specific needs of each and every student.

The learning center offers a variety of programs appropriate for students of all ages and ability levels from K-12, including test preparation, tutoring, reading, and homeschool programs. In keeping with the Groza Learning Center’s belief in individualized education programs, students typically begin with a diagnostic test to assess their current academic strengths and weaknesses. Following this assessment, a learning profile is created that allows the learning center to tailor the program according to the academic needs of the individual student in a manner that ensures the greatest degree of academic progress possible.

Located in Pacific Palisades, California, a brief look around the 2,400 square-foot facility clearly demonstrates how committed the Groza Learning Center is with regard to adhering to its unique educational philosophy: In addition to the small classrooms, enclosed tutoring rooms, testing rooms, and “retreat” rooms, the learning center’s facility also features a meadow, a log cabin with a fire and floor-to-ceiling tree, as well as a boat floating in a babbling brook.

Through the use of one-on-one and small-group settings, the Groza Learning Center is able to ensure students are held accountable while also fostering critical skills associated with independence, executive functioning, meticulousness and punctuality. In addition to its individualized learning programs, the Groza Learning Center’s continued focus on skill development is a key reason that its students have become so passionate about their academic pursuits while enjoying so much long-term academic success.