Over our 17 years of experience, it’s been thrilling to watch the academic landscape develop and open up so many new innovative avenues to educate students.  More and more, we see parents gravitating toward individualized educational models for their kids.

With all the new teaching tools and resources available at our disposal, and parents seeking a unique schooling experience for their students, Groza Academy was established and has emerged as a school option for Westside families looking for a flexible, tailor made educational experience.

In one to one and small group settings, Groza Academy is meeting the needs of students and families, educating kids according to their learning styles, interests, and educational goals.

We can execute accelerated programs for students; we can execute scaffolded programs to get a student back up to grade level. In every case, we move at the student’s pace, modulated to allow more time for integration or advance quickly upon mastery.

Groza is a kind, caring environment that makes a safe place for kids to learn and reach their personal and academic best.  We instill integrity, compassion, and resilience in our students. Unleashing their creative, unencumbered student

Groza Academy is a place where students discover their academic gifts, learn to conquer scholastic challenges, exercise their creativity, and bloom into their full potential.


With gratitude,

Scott & Christy Groza